Monday, December 20, 2010

My favorite Christmas things....

The Christmas spirit was a little delayed here in our household this year.  With the amount of orders my studio had and my lack of energy due to a little bun in the oven, the decorations took a bit longer to get up.  I didn't put out everything I usually do, just some of my favorite things.
So here they are, just in case you care ;)

When we were first married, we made a rather expensive purchase on a sentimental nativity scene.  I have fond memories of setting up and playing with my childhood manger.  So I knew I wanted to get one that had a story and that we could pass onto our kiddos.  However, this nativity scene is not "kid friendly".  Oops, wasn't thinking that 9 years ago.   We purchased it from an elderly man with Alzheimer's from his quaint studio in Maine, were my hubby and I met.  I had my eye on it for years and we finally bit the bullet.
I'm so glad we did!

 I have a LOVE for all things vintage...
to tablecloths, salt and pepper shakers, artwork and in particular Christmas ornaments.  When we were first married, we didn't have many ornaments besides the hammy downs from Matt's childhood.  We had the typical cookie ornaments, nursery school crafts, and a collection of tacky crystal angels and snowmen.  I knew I had to add to these, so went to a local antique store and stocked up on some vintage balls.  Some have broken since then (insert sad face) due to a fallen tree in our first apartment, but most are in tact.

1. Typical school craft
2. A sweet blue ball with applique
3. An intricate ball with great detail
4. A garage sale find... love these little people!
5. I try to buy an ornament from each place we visit. This one is a Murano glass ornament from Italy.
6.  The ugliest beaded ornament from Matt's childhood. It always makes it's way to the back of the tree.
Those are just a few of my favorites that decorate our tree!

Here are some other Christmas decorations that
I have collected over the years.

 I love those big vintage lights, but don't have the guts to string my house with them. So instead of outside,  I use the bulbs as a centerpiece on my dining room table.  The stockings are a fave of mine that I found for $2.99 each from Christmas Tree Shoppes.  The salt and pepper shakers were a gift from the hubby a few Christmas' ago...I LOVE them!

And a few more favorites....

We both love nutcrackers so our collection grows each year.  I think we need to slow it down a bit because our small little cottage can't handle my collecting obsession.  The vintage blocks with Merry Christmas on them is a 'must put out' decoration, just too cute to keep in the box this year.

There's a short tour of my home this season.  Looking forward to heading down to Philly to visit my family this Christmas.  Have a blessed Holiday everyone!

Check back for my attempt at peppermint bark and sea salt caramels!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I've failed...well kinda.

My cooking challenge went on hiatus as soon as I started feeling nauseous, exhausted (like the kind of exhaustion if a mac truck ran you over), no appetite and basically plain ol' yucky. 
You mothers all know what I am talking about...

Yes this all means....I am pregnant. This is my first, so I have no idea how this all works. I am just going with it, day by day.

I fee like life stopped for 5-6 weeks.  I have a wonderful hubby who took/takes care of me and my every need (even at 3am when I wanted nothing but Cheerios).  Now at 13 weeks, I am feeling somewhat better and may even try to attempt my cooking challenge again. I make NO promises.  But the doc says I need to eat and gain weight. 

My blogging took a back seat as well.  Holiday orders are out and being delivered as I type, so I can breathe again and enjoy this pregnancy!

Here's how we announced it to our friends! Enjoy :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Be patient....

Hello everyone!  

I am just sending out ANOTHER, yes another, annoying reminder that my production time is extended to 3-4 weeks due to high holiday order volume. 
I just ask that you be extra patient during this time, pretty please! 

 Sending emails asking for updates just sets me behind in the studio...I often spend more time answering those status update emails then in the studio making your necklace. SO keep in mind the production time and know that it will ship within that time, no doubt about that!  

To sum it up
Stop asking where your order is or for an update :)  
It will ship out within the listed production time, I promise.

{November 22nd was the last day to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery. 
Orders placed after that date will arrive in the first two weeks of January.}