Monday, December 6, 2010

Be patient....

Hello everyone!  

I am just sending out ANOTHER, yes another, annoying reminder that my production time is extended to 3-4 weeks due to high holiday order volume. 
I just ask that you be extra patient during this time, pretty please! 

 Sending emails asking for updates just sets me behind in the studio...I often spend more time answering those status update emails then in the studio making your necklace. SO keep in mind the production time and know that it will ship within that time, no doubt about that!  

To sum it up
Stop asking where your order is or for an update :)  
It will ship out within the listed production time, I promise.

{November 22nd was the last day to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery. 
Orders placed after that date will arrive in the first two weeks of January.}

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