Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

  • A husband who is tirelessly working on our new kitchen cork floor so this OCD hormonal mama can get her house back to normal 
He's a very patient man!
the mess.....and a dead plant.
more mess...
We're getting there....
  • A long nap yesterday and for once, not waking up feeling guilty for taking time to rest
  •  Clean closets...which means many trips to Goodwill.  I believe this is where the nesting part of pregnancy takes over your life
  • A comfy pair of maternity skinny jeans that I basically stole for $15 bucks!
  •  Friends and family who love my baby already


sanityseeker said...

yay for maternity jeans and your beautiful new floor!! gorgeous!

Croí said...

ha! just messaged you on Etsy to say "you must be pregnant!" - I'm a real slacker on the blogging stuff but your "likes" on Etsy were a giveaway.
HUGE CONGRATS !!!! It's such a magical time, enjoy every minute {hormonal or not!}

Jane said...

looks good!

a.dahlstrom said...

Good post :)

The floors look great, way to go Handyman Matt. Maybe he should quit his day job and do this full time.

Soo excited for this baby!