Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life as I knew it... different, but it's a good different.

Ya'll read while I was pregnant about my fears and anxieties about having a baby.  I couldn't imagine what a baby would do to our cozy lives.  My hubby and I were content, happy, peaking in our careers, social butterflies...and so on.  However, now I look forward to trying new crock pot recipes and choosing which cute nighty my little Evy Spaghetti will wear to bed.  Pathetic, right?  Yes, I miss the care free lifestyle we had, but I would never go back. I say that now, although ask me when she starts throwing a tantrum in the middle of Target or takes a sharpie marker and practices spelling her name on my brand new "off white" sofa.  (More on that bold purchase later.)

 I am enjoying motherhood more then I thought. The first two months were rough due to a slow recovery from a long and ridiculously torturous labor. After three months, I finally feel like myself again and can start focusing on other things besides how to get that yellow mustard poo off of my pants.

I've been a mom for three months now.  In those three months, I have learned a few things about myself:
  That when I have NO sleep, I chatter on about bunnies, 
jalepenos and hot Fox News anchors.
That I am more of a germaphobe then I thought. 

That I love my baby more then I ever imagined.
That I'm more patient then I thought.

That a smile from the babe will make everything better and nothing else matter.

Some have asked about Evy's birth story.  I will sum it up for you:
Induced on Friday night, had her early Sunday morning at 4 am.  Yep, it was long, painful and emotionally draining.  Three months later, I can finally look back at the experience and not cry.  Speaking of crying, the litle bean is bored in her boucey seat and needs some snuggles, kisses and some more kisses.

Be back soon my friends!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Em. So happy for you and Matt.

Tanya said...

She is beautiful! It's amazing how one little person comes into our lives and turns everything upside down and we would never go back and change a thing. :)

Lindsey said...

Awww! I love this post Em! I'm so happy for you guys! Evy is just perfect - isn't it amazing how you can't imagine life without her now?!?! Your birth story sounds VERY similar to my labor with Camden - let's commiserate and share all the details next time I see you!