Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Pottery Barn.....

I have always been fascinated with lamp making. It's a mystery of where this passion came from but I was determined to create my very own jug lamps.  I found these lamps in the Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love.

However, I couldn't justify the $139 EACH price tag. SO I had to figure out a way to create them myself. After searching on Ebay for a bit, I came across some clear wine jugs.   I paid $12 for the pair (yeah, I know, a steal!) and then made a trip to Lowe's to pick up this lamp kit.  

Lamp kit from Lowe's

It was much easier then I thought to wire the lamp. The instructions were super easy to follow. I was SHOCKED when I plugged them in for a test and they worked!  You will be impressed with yourself, I promise.  Now it was time to fill the jugs with all sorts of goodies. My goal was to change them for each season.  I haven't quite mastered that goal, but I have two themes that I use often. 

Fall lamp with acorns and fake leafy branch

Summer lamp with pebbles and fake fern leaf

I am going to try a Christmas themed lamp this year.
Stay posted to see what I come up with.
Oh, the pressure. 


Oh and by the way, my deadline for Holiday orders is November 22nd. I will announce this often and you will be sick of hearing it, but I hope to avoid those emails on Christmas Eve from husbands hoping that I can overnight a necklace to them for Christmas morning. 
Yeah right, I will still get those emails. What am I thinking?  At least I tried.


CJ Olson said...

How cute! I love it!! I'm waiting for your christmas theme!!

sanityseeker said...

awesome job and very inspiring! my mom knew how to wire and rewire, and she would always score great lamps at thrift stores and fix them up. now i want to do this too!