Monday, January 10, 2011

Mommy Monday

My awesome (and older) sister who has three kiddos writes a Monday blog called "Mommy Monday".  Every week she blogs about advice, ideas, baby gear and other parenting topics that will be VERY helpful for me as I enter the world of mommy-hood for the first time. It is also opened up the the readers to share their struggles, fears, and advice so that I can learn from all you experienced mothers!

I know it can be completely overwhelming being a first time mom (from what I've heard :) and I am starting to feel the pressure.  Do I register for the wipe warmer or diaper genie?  What baby carrier do I get?  And the stroller, oh my, so many choices!  

I can't believe I don't have ONE decent picture of my sister and I!  This is all I got folks, pickle and all! 

Deli in New York City, hence the ginormous sandwiches!

So if any of my readers feel moved to share their mommy advice, go to my sister's blog and comment on her Mommy Monday posts.  Make sure to check back every Monday to see what the new topic of the week is!


Jane said...

Is that seriously the only good picture you have of us? Ugh! I look as big as those sandwiches! Oh, and I have been doing stroller research for you...we'll chat!

CJ Olson said...

You are adorable!! You know you can listen to all the advice in the world (until it makes your brain hurt) and until you decide (and of course your little one) what's best for the both of can say you will never do different things and then realize that it helps you out if you say what you never thought you would do. Good luck.....I personally like my diaper pail but never got the wipe warmers (but could see how they could be handy!!) Good luck.....hopefully will get to visit with you!