Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nursery inspiration

The questions are now going from "when are you due?" and "are you finding out the gender?" to "what will your nursery look like?" In my former life, I was an interior designer.  Having the pressure of the "perfect" nursery is in the back of my mind but I am slowly getting over this fear and deciding to just go with my gut.

Since we will not be finding out the gender, I take on the challenge of designing a "gender neutral" nursery. Oy vey! All I do know at this point is the nursery will be have a 'collected' style. My house has no theme to it what so ever, just a bunch of collected items with a ton of stories.  Some may say it's a collection of old and chippy junk, but I say to them "Your trash is my treasure."  That's what I want for my babies room.

I have collected items for my little one's room (more of that to come) for many years.  I know, you are probably thinking I am a pack rat, but really, I promise, I just like old and chippy things.

I have gathered some inspiring nursery designs and ideas...take a peek!
This collection of pictures, vintage plates and other miscellaneous decor is adorable.
 I love the floating frame idea with vintage baby clothes and shoes. I have a collection of empty frames that would love to leave my damp and scary basement.
 OH MY, I just adore these embroidery hoop fabric swatches!  This may be a more appropriate design idea for a little girl.
 Although this is not a nursery per say, I like the non-matchy collection of furniture, the wall collage and the bright punches of color.
How fantastic is this collection of antique quilts instead of the conventional nursery artwork?

I can't wait to start putting together all these random thoughts into that "imperfect" nursery that I know will be perfect for the lil' one.   

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Jane said...

love the antique quilts on the wall!
can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I did the "hodge podge" nursery. We knew gender (girl) but I went with a blue (Tahitian blue to be exact) paint and bought a crib and sheets and fabric for curtains. I used my childhood antique dresser for a changing "table" and the vanity to hold a variety of items stolen from around the house. It turned out cute and while not finished (my daughter is almost 2), I think it's pretty cute if I do say so myself. Have fun and congrats! Many wonderful things are about to come your way. :)

a.dahlstrom said...

When Dave and I went to Ikea last, I saw this.....what do you think?