Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the lazy post

I am feeling especially lazy, tired, moody, emotional, anxious and excited as the days wind down until this little babe comes.  So in honor of my laziness, I bring you a lovely post that my friend Alexi wrote about my baby shower.  Lexi, along with many other great friends threw me a "surprise" baby shower last month.  It was so thoughtfully done, with my favorite pregnancy foods, handmade shower scrub as favors, an amazing invitation that Alexi designed herself and a pinata. Yes, a pinata.  I haven't had an Airhead candy strip in so many years :)

So go check out Alexi's awesome blog where she talks about her newly married life, a new puppy and other random ramblings and while you're there, enjoy some baby shower goodness.


CJ Olson said...

Em you are being covered in prayer during this time of preparation! I am so excited to meet your new baby and so excited to watch you and Matt grow into Godly parents to this baby! Praying for you during this waiting phase! I loved your shower and it looked like you guys are very blessed with your friends and your shower! Airhead candy....yummy!!

Cindy said...

Best of luck in your delivery, Emily! :)