Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"maternity leave" {whatever it may mean}

I put it in quotes because it's not really maternity leave. Shop remains open, orders can/will come in, and I still stamp away your "shiny objects".  I still have to work BUT I have extended the production time to 4-6 weeks.  I have tried to make it VERY obvious of this extension on my website, so hopefully I won't get bombarded with status updates while I transition into my new routine. I can't promise my response to those emails won't be grumpy. I hear you don't sleep much when a new baby comes ;)  

My maternity leave in quotes doesn't mean I will be sniffing my 'just about to pop' peonies in my garden.

It also doesn't mean I will be going to the beach to collect more heart rocks.

Or even lounging in my favorite porch swing...

Well, it kinda means I will be taking it a tad bit easy, trying to soak up these last three weeks of a quiet life.  So, take it as you want, but I like saying " I'm on "maternity leave"", whatever it may mean.

I do know I will be taking in more of this precious face before her life is completely turned upside down.  Signing off for some belly rubs.

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Alesia said...

That was a great post. Best of luck to you and Matty. I hope these next 3 weeks are peaceful and that you get the rest you'll need before baby Mancini arrives.
Enjoy "maternity leave". :-)