Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back to reality....

My husband and I just got back from our favorite place, Owls Head Maine.  We relaxed, read books, ate tons of cinnamon rolls from the general store, kayaked, collected sea glass and heart rocks, shopping and more shopping.

 The little red cottage still holds a ton of memories.  Here's a picture of the cottage where my husband and I met 13 years ago.  Still looks the same.

I enjoyed some QT with my niece and nephews.  They are growing up too fast!

Silas (Si Si, Si Guy)
Jesse (Jesse Boy)
Karis (Kare-bear)

I also enjoyed playing with my new Canon camera.  I specifically enjoy shooting people, but I did take a few still life shots.  I will learn with time how to use this fancy dancy camera, but for now, I am having a blast!  I also love editing them just as much in photoshop.

So these are just a few of the shots I took with my new cam!  Now I need to get back into my studio and start catchin' up on orders.


Have you gone on vacation this summer?  If so, where to?  Does it have any special memories like the little red cottage does for me?

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