Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

My lovely sister has a blog that shares her ups and downs, joys and trials, and triumphs and failures as a wife and mommy of three. Her honesty and real experiences are inspiring and often make me go places that I may not want to go.  One area in my life that I have have wanted to challenge is my quick instinct to often grumble and complain about life.  Tuesday's will be a blog day dedicated to challenging this not so pleasant character trait....wish me luck! 

Five things to be thankful for TODAY:
  • A warm and cozy house as the temps are in the negatives right now.

  • The second trimester goodness seems to have set in (Cross your fingers it doesn't leave me)

  • A snoring dog sleeping next to me

  • My hubby who loves to serve me without complaining (especially these last few months!)
  •  Monday night TV (my guilty pleasure, The Bachelor)
Those are just a few things to be thankful for today.  What are you thankful for?


Meredith said...

love the picture of Maisey.

Becky said...

My three sons who still laugh at and with their parents and who actually like being with us!!!! Thanks James, Jonathan and Joshua...you bring me joy!