Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chalkboard window

Last month, I took a trip to the local indoor salvage yard.  An entire warehouse was filled to the brim with charming relics that were graciously saved from old homes.  The creative juices were pumping as I felt my heart rate rising with excitement.  Pathetic, I know...who gets excited over a dirty and dusty warehouse full of "junk"?

I went there with the intention of looking for a single pane window to create a chalkboard for the baby's room.  The idea is to periodically write messages to the baby, for example, a favorite bible verse. Another possibility is to write a message of encouragement to myself as I spend many tired moments in that room nursing.  Who knows how often I'll change the text but I hope to keep it fresh and new as often as I can.  The picture below is where I initially got the idea from- a wonderful blog I follow called Life In Grace.

Edie's lake cottage kitchen
 After searching through 60 plus windows with varied finishes, I walked away with one that is painted white and another that has dark stain frame.  This is when my indecisive habit comes into play, but hey, at $4 a window, I couldn't resist both options. 

This weekend's project is to get that chalkboard window completed- of course I will take precautions by wearing my attractive filtered mask so the little bean is unharmed.  Stay tuned for the finished product!


The Carrolls said...

I don't want to steal any salvage shop thunder from you but could possibly let me in on where this little gem is? I'd love to rummage through for fun home decor projects too! Looks like lots of fin!

Magpie Designz said...

I would love to share it with you! It is called ReCONNstruction Center in New Britain CT. Here is their website:
Good Luck!