Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mulch and girlfriend's

My Dad sent me this website because he thought it sounded like my mission here on my Thankful Tuesday posts.  Remembering to be thankful and have gratitude for the little things in life (like chocolate covered raisins from Trader Joe's) has taught me to slow down and put life into perspective.  So here we go again...

Lately, I have been thankful for:
  • A relaxing day with my college girlfriend's yesterday.  It was a day of shopping, coffee sipping, baby staring at Wyatt, laughing, dreaming, sharing ideas and goals, Target strolling and constant gabbing.  I seemed to have forgotten about my camera in my purse during the gabbing and laughing. Not ONE picture. Boo.  
  •  Speaking of Baby Wyatt...his mom Kait is contemplating a new business. After leaving the Interior Design world (like myself) she realizes that being creative in her life is vital. SO, after sharing with us the artwork she did (along with her hubby) for Wyatt's room, we are pushing her to take it to the next step.  I will keep you all updated on her progress but in the meantime, check out the artwork she sketched and cut by hand out of colored paper...with a knife.  It's unreal! What a talent!
Zoom in to see the detail!

    •  A lovely family shower with yummy food, hammy down maternity clothes for the summer, Yankee's game for the hubby and deviled eggs!  We have so many wonderful people in our lives and feel blessed for their generosity towards us and this cantaloupe in my belly .

    •  My favorite herbs are finally planted and marked with my favorite silverware Garden Markers.  For the rest of the garden, this summer we decided to buy a share at a local organic farm.  With the new baby on the way, we thought this would relieve some yard work. Not sure how I feel about not having a garden right outside my door, but I keep telling myself it's just this one year.  I will have more important things to tend to ;)

    •  My hardworking man.  He spent all Saturday doing yard work.  I usually help, but with this belly and lack of energy, I was only able to do small projects. Spreading mulch was not on my to-do list, but it certainly was on his.  He finished all of our flower beds in 5 hours, with two Diet Coke breaks. It looks amazing!

    What are you thankful for this week?  Please share...


    Bethany said...

    I have always loved your garden markers! When we settle somewhere (will that day ever come???), I am definitely buying a set for the garden I will someday have...

    Kaitlyn said...

    Em - We had the best time yesterday! It was great to catch up with everyone! Thank you so very much for the encouragement as Andrew and I start this little baby art business! I really appreciate the kind words and insight! You are the best and I can't wait to meet your precious baby! xoxo

    Cindy said...

    I really like Kait's artwork :) I'd totally buy that.

    Also I'm assuming from all the maternity talk...bun in the oven? :D congrats!

    This week I've been thankful for my friends putting up with me, my wacky family that always makes me laugh, and opportunities in life that not everyone gets to have.