Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thankful Wednesday

Oops, I'm a day behind, so we'll make this post Thankful Wednesday.
  • I am certainly thankful that I have TWO WEEKS left!  Come baby come!
  • A sweet midwife who delivered her delicious spring rolls to my house today.  They hit the spot!

  • A hubby who is committed to making me comfortable these days. He comes home from work and picks up the slack here in the house right away (well... after he opens that beer) 
  • Jersey skirts!  I've had these skirts for years and just pulled them out, hoping they would work with this belly.  Buying maternity summer clothes right now is NOT going to happen.
  •  We are thankful for having a state cop (hub's brother) in the family who is crazy OCD about installing car seats.  He gave us a tutorial, however, I don't think we will ever get it in as tight as he did!

  •  A feeling of peace as we wait for this little one to come.
  • Feeling thankful AGAIN for all of our generous friends and family who have supplied our every material need and more for this baby.  We only had to buy a few things, which blows me away when I think about it. 


Cindy said...

Ah so much going on! You'll be a great mother! :)

Those spring rolls look wonderful. And yay for helpful husbands! I think I may have asked this but what have you decided to name your baby? :)

Magpie Designz said...

Hi Cindy! We have a few names chosen, but I think we'll decide when we see the baby in person. Stay tuned :)