Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recipe three: has potential

i found a wonderful foodie blog that i check every day.  she inspires me to try new recipes and to be brave with new and different ingredients.

This weeks recipe was pork loin chops with roasted garlic cream sauce.  i totally forgot to take pictures of the finished product, so i am borrowing from cassie craves blog.

photo taken by cassie craves
this tasty recipe was easy peasy with basic ingredients. next time i make this i will use a pork tenderloin instead of chops.  I tend to overcook chops which leads to dry and chewy pork.   the cream sauce was delish and was a flavorful topper to some typical mash potatoes.

besides the mash potatoes, i served this recipe, taken from my friend's blog, life in a nutshell.
it was incredibly easy and again, it stretched me beyond the basic veggies that i often grab at the food store.  broccoli rabe may not be my fave veggie (bitter and kinda chewy) but mixing it with some carrots and a pinch of nutmeg saved the day. 

photo taken by meredith from life in a nutshell blog
this weeks grade:


...and until next week. what should i try next?!?

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Meredith said...

wow... the cream sauce looks really good! and I always cook pork chops like you do...haven't learned my lesson yet!