Thursday, September 16, 2010

recipe two: success!

i am two weeks into my cooking challenge and feeling very encouraged from last nights dinner.  After recipe one took a back seat in my recipe book, i was determined to find a worthy recipe this week.

this weeks recipe? Butter chicken
how can you go wrong with that title?

it tends to lean towards indian flavors, which we are a fan of in this family.  the one spice that i didn't have and wasn't willing to spend $12 on was cardamom.  i goggled a substitute and  came up with 50% nutmeg and 50% cinnamon.  it worked perfectly in my opinion.

it had the perfect amount of heat too.
the cayenne pepper goes a loooong way.

this weeks grade:


enjoy my friends. please share with me your favorite recipes.
i would love to give it a 'stir'.

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Anonymous said...

Try your health or whole foods store for cardamom in bulk. I have a cookie recipe that calls for it that I make at Christmastime. I bought about 3-4 Tbsp of the bulk cardamom for a few dollars and it's lasted forever!